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About Us

Kula Threads by New Creations contact info:
Hours of operation: Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm (HST)
By phone: (808)847-6600, neighbor islands toll free (866)296-8585
By e-mail:
Street/mailing address: 2016 Colburn st. Honolulu, HI 96819
For over 17 years, Kula Threads- formerly New Creations LLC, has been providing custom and uniform services to the Hawaiian Islands and its schools.  As a company we take pride in servicing our customers with Aloha, making sure their concerns are eased and their needs met. 

Kula Threads is poised to set a new standard in quality among school uniform programs. We will design a program to fit your demographics and needs. Our manufacturing facility provides unparalleled quality while keeping costs at it's lowest.  We always buy Hawaii first to ensure that money stays in Hawaii to support local businesses.


Implementing a School Uniform Policy in your school benefits everyone, the community, the parents, and especially the students.  Some of the many benefits includes...
Decrease in Violence and Theft:
Prevents students from wearing gang related colors
Prevents students from wearing culturally or religiously offensive apparel.
Makes it easier for staff members to identify intruders
A significant majority of principals whose school has a uniform policy notes a positive effect on student safety.

Uniforms will instill students with discipline: 
Promotes good behavior
Provides an improved environment for learning
80% of schools with a uniform policy says classroom discipline has improved

Uniforms reduce pressure for students:
Reduces competition among students wearing certain brands of clothing
75% of schools with uniforms notes a reduction in peer pressure among their students
We also provide custom screen-printing, please look in the paradise yellow pages for valuble coupons.