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Kaleiopuu Staff



Aloha Kaleiopuu 'Ohana!

This is the staff ordering page for your school. Please DO NOT purchase products from another school or the general staff page. Read all descriptions on this page and the product page(s) before checking out.

Also note that Ladies style shirts are marked with L (such as LST695 or L574) and mens style shirts lack the L, or are marked with K (such as ST695 or K574).

Ordering Period: September 26 - October 23rd

Delivery To School Between: November 7th and 18th

There is a variety of items available to purchase in the mens and women style. You can also order the school hoodies and long sleeves as well.

These items are made to order. No refunds or exchanges will be made with staff items. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.