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Crep Protect


A lot of science went into how we created our range of products. Here’s how step by step, we got here.

A combination of R&D, Science, and brainstorming went into how we created our range of products. Here’s a step by step process. Yes there is method to our madness

Research and development sounds boring and something only nerds or folks in white coats do. However to succeed and get it right, research and development is where you start. We knew what we wanted to do – keep our kicks clean and as fresh as possible without damaging them. Being sneakerheads ourselves we understood the pain of not having fresh kicks. So we weren’t going to stop until we were happy with the final result ourselves. Then, and only then, we’d show the world that we’re really about that fresh out of the box lifestyle.

We went through quite a few stages before we settled on making our first product the Crep Protect Spray. We thought of other ways of treating shoes, but settled on a spray because it’s the easiest way that anyone and everyone could use like it’s second nature.

Next, we researched and tried out different solutions, before settling on nano technology. Nano technology gave us exactly what we needed – something effective that was also invisible to the naked eye, and didn’t in any way affect the way that the shoe looked.

Next was the fun part – pouring all kinds of liquids all over some shoes to see how effective the Spray was, and to our surprise, no matter what kind of liquid we poured, the liquids just slicked off like there was a force field around it. This was the real moment Crep Protect was born.