May Days in Hawaii`i
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Any email you receive is returnable to our admin account. All of our office members can see these emails. This is our preferred method of communication. Please read through these FAQs before calling or emailing. Reach us at

  • Can I make an exchange?

Why yes, of course! Exchanges can be made as long as the items have not been washed or worn (except for the one time it gets tried on). Contact us by responding to the order confirmation or shipping confirmation email. This way, we'll instantly know what that order is. Let us know what needs to be exchanged, size and color. Bring the return items to your school's front office and label them as "Return for Kula Threads." Upon our next delivery, we will drop off the requested exchange and pick up the return items. This also applies for schools on Kauai, Molokai, and Hawaii Island. Exchanges can be arranged over the phone as well, however, email is our preferred method of communication with customers.

If "USPS Shipping to Home" was selected at checkout, returns and exchange requests can be made by mailing us at our return address. We do not cover the shipping charge. The customer is responsible for shipping fees for returns.

IMPORTANT: Exchanges are only valid for regular uniforms. Specialty items such as class shirts, program shirts, embroidered items, and staff shirts are made to order and cannot be exchanged.

  • Can I get a refund?

See our return/refund policy here

  • When will my order be ready?

During the summertime or an ordering period, your order will not be shipped or fulfilled until we are ready to pull orders. This means that we are waiting for our stock to be replenished and for all orders to come in during an ordering period. All orders will be pulled in chronological order, from the earliest order to the latest/most recent whether you opt for shipping to home or not. Orders will generally be available for pickup on a specified distribution day. This day may be at an open house, a registration day, first day of school, etc. in a designated time period.

During the school year, any order placed before 3PM during business hours will be fulfilled on the same day. If * Free School Delivery - See Delivery Schedule * is selected at checkout, the order will be delivered to its respective school on Wednesday. School deliveries are done every Wednesday (Thursday for Windward side schools; sometimes Koko Head Elementary and Kamaile Academy). If an order is placed Wednesday before 12pm, there is a slim chance it will be delivered the same day. To ensure that your order is delivered for the week, orders must be placed by 12pm Tuesday. See your school's page for more details.

For schools on Kauai, Molokai, and Hawaii Island, orders will be bundled together and shipped as one package to the school and distributed to the student recipient's homeroom. This package leave our facility at 2:30 on Wednesdays.

If * USPS Shipping to Home * is selected at checkout, the order will be fulfilled and ready to ship at either 10am or 3:30pm depending on when the order is made. USPS packages are picked up from our facility daily at 2:30pm.

  • Can I place a phone order?

Unfortunately, no. We do not take phone orders simply because we want to protect our customers. We refuse to take any personal information over the phone.

  • Do the shirts shrink?

Yes, by about five percent. Depending on the size, that amount is roughly half an inch. Our shirts are pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage, not completely eliminate it.

  • Are these uniforms mandatory?

Mandatory usage of uniforms vary by school. Please check with the school's page on our website or contact your school to find out. We will be updating the information on our website as it becomes available. 

  • Why is the online ordering closed?

If the online ordering is closed, it means one of two things:

1. Kula Threads does not handle the sales, returns, exchanges, or refunds of uniforms. Items will be available for purchase at the school's front office or specified staff member. Stock is kept at the school and we simply restock them as needed.

2. An ordering period may have closed and the deadline has come around. Orders cannot be placed until a distribution day, or a reopening. We will not accept late orders.

  • Where is my school's page?

Please keep in mind that we do not produce uniforms for all schools. If you cannot find the school you are looking for among the dropdown menus, try typing in the search bar. If that doesn't work, it simply means we don't produce uniforms for the school you're looking for.

  • I made a mistake on my order. How can I fix it?

If you made a mistake on your order, please respond to the order confirmation email ASAP. Much like an exchange, let us know what the mistake was and we'll accommodate before we pull, fulfill, and deliver the order. Unfortunately, we can't edit an already processed order. So, when you receive the shipping confirmation, your original order (with the mistake) is what will show on the packing slip. Any necessary changes to an order are input manually. You will be notified with what you are actually receiving via email and on the packing slip.

  • My order is incorrect. What do I do?

Please give us a call or an email as soon as you can so that the issue can be resolved. Whether it's the wrong size, wrong color, missing items, or too much items, please let us know. There are real people on our team and sometimes, things slip through our grasp.

If you have a partially complete order, you will be notified via email either in the shipping confirmation or an email with the subject "Order ______ with Kula Threads."

  • Is there a reason that I didn't/won't receive all of my items?

Always check any email that comes from us. Most times, your answer will be there. However, here are the top three reasons:

1. Item is on backorder. This simply means it has sold out and we don't have it in stock. The item will not be available until a reprint is made which can take some time.

2. Item is a made to order item. Embroidery items take 2-3 weeks for production after being ordered. 

3. Item is missing. If you have a missing item in your order and couldn't find an answer in an email, contact us.

  • Why is my order taking so long to get to me?

There is any number of reasons for this, mainly human error, it happens. Just let us know. Maybe we can't find a certain item in size or color. Maybe something might be on back order from our vendors and we're waiting to get that in so we can print it. It may have been mixed up with things after our delivery is made and in the hands of school staff. There's always the possibility that your order was accidentally overlooked, especially when we have a high volume of orders coming through. If your order doesn't get to you within a week and a half of placing the order (aside from specialty programs and summer pre-orders), please give us a call.

  • Why can't I return/exchange specialty items?

We simply will not have any leftover product from special programs. It is very inefficient for us to reproduce these items AFTER completion. We can't just hit a reprint button. There is a long process. To avoid this problem, review your order before, during, and shortly after the checkout process.

  • What happened to the starter package discount?

Not all schools we are contracted with will allow the starter package deal to be available during the year. The starter package is generally available during the ordering period before the school year starts, during distribution day, and for new/transferring students. 

  • Can I mix & match a starter package?

This option varies by school. If a starter package is available when placing an online order, it will come as listed.

  • Chargebacks or return check fee
  • $35.00 will be charged if your check is return by the bank or you dispute a charge with your financial institution.